ServiceNow is a software platform that supports ITSM (IT Service Management) & helps in automating ITBM (IT Business Management). ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform designed based on ITIL guidelines.

It focuses on service-orientation toward the processes, activities & tasks. It uses machine learning to leverage data and workflows to help modern enterprise becomes faster and scalable.

Advantages of ServiceNow

  • All stakeholders can make changes to the same platform & provides an Omni-channel experience across systems
  • Replace unstructured work patterns with smart workflows
  • Lower cost of Infrastructure
  • Increase in staff productivity
  • Minimizing risk

Our ServiceNow offerings

  • IT Transformation
  • ITSM
  • ITOM - IT Operations Management
  • System Integration
  • Development of platforms
  • Business case assessment
  • Enterprise Management
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